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Everything You Need to Know About Hair-Oiling, According to Ayurveda

The South Asian secret to long, shiny hair has long been out; hair-oiling or “deep conditioning” treatments are now a staple at hair salons, studios, spas and labs across the world. In the process, however, the Ayurvedic practice of hair-oiling has suffered the same fate as turmeric — in that it’s become somewhat of a trend for time-honored ingredients used in Asian culture to be imported, mass-manufactured…

The best way to oil your hair to get the most out of the soothing ritual

For most of us, a hair oil massage for the hair is a tradition passed down through generations, making it almost as routine as washing your strands. But even if you’ve been doing it for years, it’s helpful to hit refresh on the best practices. We spoke to Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, medical director of ISAAC Luxe, and a big hot oil treatment fan, to tell us how she does it.

Healthy hair means a healthy body! Here are 8 things your mane is trying to tell you

There’s nothing in this world more disturbing than the deteriorating hair health. After all, doesn’t your heart cry out loud every time you shed strands while combing your precious mane? Don’t you cringe when you see that once-thick ponytail of yours turn into one that resembles a thin, worn-out rope? Don’t you simply feel like life has come to a standstill when you see your scalp getting scanty?